Campaign 1

The world build, starting knowledge

There is a planet out in somewhere space that is dominated by a primitive, Egypt like culture of naked mole rats, who record their civilization’s history on a massive cliff face that encompasses the entire planet. This work is done partially by scribes, but mostly by slave labour, which is only legal in the wall area. These people have a cast system that relies on mostly regular peons, then on warriors, priests, scribes, and slaves. Peons have little to no normal ability, but rise to positions of power on occasion, usually to little effect. Warriors keep the constant cycle of violence going between city-states over territory and Glorbop caves, which will be explained later. The MoleRats fight solely with their teeth, and so warriors preform risky operations to edify or in other forms distort their sharpest teeth to be more effective in battle. A warriors importance is determined by how distorted their teeth are. Scribes are a subsect of priests, and are dedicated to the singular goal of recording the history of the planet as accurately as they can, outside of political influence. The regular priests, however, have political agendas. When a MoleRat is hatched, as unlike real naked mole rats, MoleRats hatch from pear shaped eggs, it may display the ability to hear the Glorbop’s thoughts. The Glorbops, being this systems gods anyway, and who speak through thoughts, require priests to maintain their life cycles, so priests grow up to hold considerable power in almost every area of government. None of this matters to the slaves though, for when they are born, if they show the qualities becoming of a slave, i.e. having bulbous limbs and a small cranial structure, their eyes are torn out and sewn shut. They are trained then, from birth, to climb the wall with large rickshaws strapped to their backs, so as to transport the those who need to go over the wall across. Some still, who are born large enough to be slaves, but not large enough to be climbers, are taught to write, but not read, and dictated to what to transcribe on the wall. Glorbops are ancient beasts that warm the planets core with their body heat, after they killed the real core long ago. This is why the planets tectonic plates do not shift, and why the Glorbops have slowly mutated over time. Multiple amounts of varied types of eyes, long, thick limbs, multiple rows of teeth, and various other mutations that vary from individual to individual. The Glorbops take the runt’s of the MoleRat species, as well as other sacrifices, to implant their eggs in. This has become such a ritual for them that they have created elaborate shrines made solely of MoleRat heads. The Glorbop eggs take only small amounts of time to gestate, but grow quickly once born. Child and mating age Glorbops stay in caves near the surface, gathering new sacrifices, or just killing indiscriminately, while elders go to the great hibernation in the core to keep the planets atmosphere and magnetic field alive. MoleRats build city-states near or even around caves, considering Glorbops to be immortal omnipotent beings. A city-state is considered to be richer or poorer depending on it’s closeness to a cave, and the size of the cave it is close to. Glorbops absorb the memories of the host they grow from, and sometimes they even impregnate MoleRat eggs, these MoleRats often come out deformed, but sometimes are normal enough to live regular lives, causing subtle shakeups in the MoleRat power structure. This planet has A moon, which has a moon, which has a moon. The largest and main moon being a relatively lively island riddled water planet of Cephlopodians, a species resembling octopi and squid. Though anthropomorphic in body, their heads the determining factor of sex, not crotch. Female tentacles come out of the top of the head, whereas male tentacles come from the top lip of the mouth. They are skilled alchemists, and The Glorbops of this moon, though considerably less burdened and younger than their main planet counterparts, are much more intelligent. They may fewer in numbers, but the moon is also considerably smaller than the main planet, and their intellect makes up for the difference in spades. A few hundred years ago, a group of Cephlopodians created a race of self-populating Golems, which they sent to the moon’s moon. This race, though the oldest are still made from other things, are now made entirely of moon rock, and have a small burrowing society. The moon’s moon’s moon also contains life. An species of amorphous masses with different limbs and sensory organs sticking out in random places, their bodies barely clinging to the barren rock for life. One day, a chess board had landed from out of nowhere. They simply call this board, “the game,” and have devoted their entire existence to it.
God is a high cloud in striped pajamas.
The Greys are multi-coloured alien stereotypes that trade between races and know all languages.
And The rest of the galaxy is pretty unaware of this systems existence in general.

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